Any sign of.... (SPOILERS; and this is not for R.I.P fans)

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Any of DC... you know. Doing another (TM) Zero-esque move and completely wiping all of the nauseatingly bad canon as of Batman #663-to-present, and keeping their Joker.. well, in-character and not featured in every single new one-shot or other regular comic title?

I miss the days when he was 'rarely' or occasionally used in a comic. If he was used as more than a simple cameo, that comic actually made an acknowledgeable impact on the batverse's timeline and canon. I.E: No Man's Land or Dark Victory. When comics used to be on average, or of average quality, or surpassing that to where the comic/graphic novel was excellent. Even then, the crap comics were just really mediocre.

But nowadays, in the millenium era of comics; has anyone else noticed that the new comics (R.I.P is in a class of it's own, and I mean that in the bad/fail way.) fail to meet even the medicore standards of any comic that was made before 2000? And also, how The Joker is shoved into nearly every new one-shot or limited run or regular batverse title simply 'because' or 'why not?' (Although we all know it's all to do with money)?

This topic is to discuss how low and uncreative/repetitive DC is getting with their  butchering batverse canon, and associated sub-topics like Morrison's atrocious R.I.P. Really: The Batmen of All Nations? The League of Assassains now becoming The League of Man-Bat Assassains? Bat-Mite, for a start.

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I pretty much won't read any comic he's not in, so I'm against him showing up less. Batman 663 was a favorite, a little dry at first though, but I have big hopes for his makeover. He must have been having Sweeny Todd dreams while he was in that coma.

While RIP haters are far more vocal, evidence suggests that they are a small percentage against fans & people who just think of it as just another story. I''ve seen polls, reviews, & countless Yahoo Questions on it.

I'm not against some new villains, but I'm against all these multihero crossovers & there's just too many heroes in Gotham. Make Red Robin evil & kill off some of Batmans friends for a decade or so. & make the Mad Hatter more like the Zenoscope Entertainment Mad Hatter.

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I'm not sure that you've read my OP correctly; I, for one, am a RIP hater. There's no such thing as bringing back 'orignal aspects' for the sake of trying to be 'true' to the canon continuity, when those certain aspects should be buried and forgotten because they're laughable. I.E: Bat-Mite. Time travel. Aliens. Joker and Batman swapping bodies because of that laser. It was laughable in the 50's from whence they came; but no writer should bring them back unless that comic was an acid trip for the characters.

Yahoo Questions aren't a valid source of information. DC Forums and general populations in comic shops, are. It's like saying 'there are heaps of RIP haters OR fans in IMdB who approve of X and Y'.

Multi-verse/cross-over storylines in the batman continuity has been around since.. the dawn of time? Much further back than the 80's.

I'm all for DC sticking to what made their best series fantastic; and they should keep writers like Morrison from screwing with their continuity. Thankfully Dini has been ignoring the lipless/chelseasmile/chinadoll-syndrome/todd+PH+hannibal-clone!Joker, but the new butchered Joker is no longer redeemable simply because he's been shoved into more and more one-shots, limited runs and pointless cameos once R.I.P first began

=/ The Joker only makes a good enough of an impact, and have a point in-characterly (and from the continuity's storyline POV; he shouldn't be used as for comic relief/gags or to 'spice up' the story) if he's used sparingly, and in good taste. DC needs to ease off and settle back to their prior writing style; not fixated on the idea of 'how many villains can we shove into this story to remind the reader that a *cough*human*cough* super-hero like Batman can take on 25 villains because he can take it? Joker is first on the list!shifteleventy!'. The reader shouldn't have the facts shoved into his/her face every time that they open a new comic, that although Batman is only human and can/has been known to take on a mob of people,  (like anybody should know!) DC flips this reasoning over when they push Batman/Bruce Wayne beyond the in-character limits of 'how many people he can face off' so he's really no different to Superman.
Just because Batman can take on a mob of 25 villains, for instance, doesn't mean every single time he has to fight must require 25 villains-or-more that 'should most definitely' include Joker, from DC's reasoning. It takes away the believability and the reality of the batverse when all Batman does is fight those 'mobs of 25 or more' and it not have an impact lke they used to beit's just another cooke-cutter Superman-esque 'final fight/conflict'  (nothing meant towards Superman continuity/fans, however!).  One-on-one clashes between the two are the guidelines. Simply putting Joker's face amongst the mob of 25-villains-or-more should not be. Nor should it be seen as raising the fear or tough factors for Batman to remind the reader how (described loosely in this fashion from how DC seems to be taking Joker) b@d a$$ he is.

Batman and Joker fights, conflicts, meetings/interviews and etc were to say the least acknowledgeable back (prior 1999) when DC weren't throwing Joker into every issue's panel, which is my argument =)

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Morrison's Joker is awesome.
That said, you are a far more zealous fan than I am.

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I've never been fond of having a lot of characters. Too many cooks spoil the broth. I just prefur having one hero or one small group of heroes & a small small handfull of villains (kinda like GetBackers). I'd also like a serious revamp of the Mad Hatter; make him look like the one from Batman TAS & act like the Hatter from Zenoscope's Beyond Wonderland.

Yeah, I think there's plenty of signs of DC trying to revamp again. I'm guessing that's what's driving this whole cross-comic conundrum.

I'll also agree on not having him randomly showing up when he's not going to do anything important, mostly because he'll get listed as "being" in that issue & I'll get suckered into buying it & left disapointed that all I got was a headshot on one or two pages, which has happend several times this year.

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