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Watching Criminal Minds the other night I came accross an actor who was appealing to me.
He was crazy. Loud-mouth. Weird. I love to see that in Criminal Minds. 
So, I looked up the name of that character and discovered he had his own Wiki page, I clicked on the actor who played him and found Michael Massee. I believe he played "Funboy" in the 1994 "The Crow" movie (R.I.P Brandon Lee).
So he has a history of playing psychopaths throughout films/TV shows and then I came accross a few pictures and a familiar DC character clicked into my head; The Joker. 

I reckon if he hasn't aged too much if they decide to do another series of Batman movies (or even if they decide to swing the Dark Knight Returns way) he'd be a good candidate?
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I'm new, gimme a break.

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Sup man welcome to the vine, sorry but this thread has already been done before. Best thing to do before making a thread is to use the search function and if you can't find it go for it. Anyway enjoy your time here. Feel free to copy and past what you said here into the other thread.

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