A new take on the Joker

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So will the Joker be reduced to just a homicidal maniac due to the Batman R.I,P 

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@Mr.Jman 2012:
The Joker was a homicidal maniac when he first appeared he wasn't reduced it was a badly needed transformation of a character that lost allot of what made him scary but like many other things in the Grant Morrison's run on Batman it seems to be ignored in the latest issue of Gotham City Sirens that tired Joker Paul Dini loves made his return.
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Joker has super sanity, he can act on both ways and others depending on the day

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@Chaos Agent said:
"Joker has super sanity, he can act on both ways and others depending on the day "

Yeah that makes allot of sense to explain Joker's inconsistent personality but it doesn't explain how his lips are back and the bullet wound is gone.
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So Basically the Joker was toned down right? But he was revamped to be what he originally suppose to be? An what exactly is super sanity I was never really explained the exact definition to it 

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@Mr.Jman 2012:
I don't know what you are referring to as toned down but the super sanity (from how I read it) was a cynical way to explain that he will not be hurt by the world and won't be a victim his personality adapts all the time and it supposedly redefines him so he is Super sane by not ever being a victim just a predator. It's in Arkham Asylum and The Clown at Midnight.

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Well when I referred him to being toned down I was referring to his previous incarnations....But thanks for clearin that up (super sanity)

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Okey, 4 ranked pretty high on my Whatthef**kometer, especially at the end where he looked "human" when he was driving & then by the time he got out of the Jokermobile (which he abandoned in like the Bronze age or something) he was a f**king robot. Was he a robot the whole time? Who built it? Must have been someone who thought that the Joker had a soft-spot for Harley, hasn't seen him since before RIP, & didn't know he knew Bruce Wayne was Batman. He didn't think about Batman once!

I can't even think of Robot Joker as a classic Joker. He pretty much reminds me of the A.J Lieberman Joker, from Harley Quinn 32, as well as the Joker from Gotham Knights who "misses his wife," & the Bronwyn Carlton Joker, which is basicly limited to Batman 570 & Detective Comics 737 (1999).
& there are TWO RIP-style Jokers on the cover of Batman 693.

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@likalaruku: Oi vei...Bronwyn Carlton's Joker...Thanks for bring up a version I'd rather go into the delusion that he never existed. The only thing that Carlton got actually right was Harley Quinn. Batman: The Code 1 & 2 was pretty much writing that bastardized Joker's character and appealed to the JxH pair fodders who are as delusional as Harley herself is about the Joker. 
Whew! Okay. Deep Breath. 
Okay back on topic, I liked the new take on Joker's character in RIP because it brings him back to the inspiration that inspired his character from the get-go but the Joker's pretty much his usual self now when I read the later comics of Batman and Robin starring Dick and Damian, he's still the homicidal nutcase with a love for laughs and jokes.

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