Would you like being able to create Joker Venom?

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Did You Know :

Joker Venom is a hellish mixture of

hydrogen cyanideand Strychnodide the toxin causes immediate cessation of heartand brainfunctions. As a side effect, the victim's musclescontract in such a way as to severely tighten and discolor the victim's skin, especially in the facial area. This leaves the victim's corpse permanently scarred with a clown-like grin in tribute to his killer. Since the Joker Venom is just as deadly if absorbed through the pores as it is if inhaled, the Joker occasionally releases it in gas form throughout the central heating/cooling ventsof a building. As well it was used by Maxie Zeus cutting the Joker's venom with Ecstasyto make a new designer drugcalled "Chuckles".

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