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While in the Slab, the Joker discovers his clock is ticking. Shilo Norman, the former Mister Miracle and now head of Slab security, knows this is a recipe for disaster, so why won't anyone believe him? The Joker shares the venom that transformed him into the pasty faced sociopath that he is with countless other super-villains — ensuring his legacy lives on. Meanwhile Oracle, the first line of defense, is unavailable, leaving only Black Canary to try and stop a riot of the DCU's most deadly and unpredictable villains.


As Nightwing and Oracle enjoy a romantic meal outside Gotham, a riot in the Slabside Penitentiary is making headline news - it has been instigated by the Joker in response to learning the news that he has a fatal brain tumour. Oracle ponders how many lives would have been saved if someone had just killed the Joker long ago. Joker meanwhile, is killing Multi-Man time after time, hoping that he will ressurect with a useful power. Eventually, he gains an explosive ability, clearing the way for the Slab inmates to access other floors of the penitentiary. Shilo Norman realises with horror that they are on their way to bust the powerful Doctor Polaris out.

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THE BEST COMIC TREND!!!! No001-1000000 0

Joker has cancer! Yowzas! Yes, I actually read this issue. It's awesome, but that's not what I'm entirely here about, although it should be. First, do me a favor and pick this TPB up, you will not be disappointed. "What is the best comic trend?" you may ask. Well, it;s BREAKING THE 4TH WALL! When a character in the book knows he's a character in a book, he may talk directly to the reader, or play with the panels or the logo as we see here. This is breaking the 4th wall, and the Joker is the best...

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