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Johnny Witts was a self-proclaimed crime boss who also stated he was one step ahead of the Batman. His first encounter with The Caped Crusader was to lead him to a high rise where he placed a noose around Batman and was going to have one of his men cut the rope and have Batman fall to his death. Batman escaped and tailed one of Johnny's henchmen.Batman placed a tracer on himself so that the police would later locate Johnny and arrest him.

Johnny Witts, going by the crime booss as The Swami set The Fearsome Foursome out into the Gotham City streets. This brought the Batman to Johnny Witts. He created a complex trap for him and was stunned when Batman escaped. He beleived Batman would die in his trap and did not think ahead of hoe Batman would escape.

Johnny Witts, Cluemaster, The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman, and The Getway Genius were setting up a west coast crime syndicate. The Getaway Genius set up a trap door to help Batman escape and not die from a gangland slaying.

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