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Johnny Denetto worked for Tobias Whale. After stealing some of the money on a drug deal, Whale decided to punish him. He had Johnny tortured, and his skin peeled off. However, he was saved by Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim and Desaad, who sew on a new skin made of pieces of dead humans and animals. Johnny threatened the Penguin, telling him to get out of town or die. Batman kept the Penguin in town, offering protection under the condition that Penguin will keep him informed. When Johnny Stitches tried to take revenge on Tobias Whale, he was stopped by Intergang. Tobias has joined them, so they do not want him dead. Johnny Stitches was resentful, but agrees to work with them.

Recently, he was seen in the Iceberg Lounge as head of Intergang in Gotham.

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