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Brief History

Johnny Jerome was a charming man whom had set his eyes on May Parker (better known as Aunt May). May liked him too, and even put him in front of another boy she liked, Ben Parker. Ben warned May about Johnny and told her that Johnny was a criminal and a big- time gambler. At first May thought Ben was jalouse, but eventualy May found out about Johnny's darker side when he had to flee from the cops for commiting a crime and asked May to join him. Ben however stepped in and saved May from Johnny, whom fled by himself. That was the beginning of May and Ben's relationship. Years later, May (now an older woman) started receiving letters from Johnny in witch he told her he wanted to meet with her again. These letters brought May in a state of extace in witch she thought to be a young woman again and thought she lived in the past. Eventually, May met Johnny again in her own former home where she used to live with her mother and father. Peter Parker, as Spider-man, had followed May, fearing Johnny would harm her. Johnny however was now an old man and told May that he had never forgotten her and aksed her again to come with him. The same thing she refused to do so, many years ago. May once again refused, but wanted to help Johnny with betering his life. Johnny eventually asked May for forgiveness and the two cried in eachothers arms. Spider-man found out that Johnny was no longer a thread, but a broken man trying to make right.
Johnny has not been seen since, except for some stories set in the past.

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