Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

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It has been recommended to me that i should read some Johnny The Homicidal Maniac.. are there any fans out there that are fans of Johnny C? 
I've checked out the wiki on him and he does look interesting.. 
What else should i be checking out if i like this kinda thing. 
Cheers all, 

#2 Edited by Malonius (886 posts) - - Show Bio definitely have to be in the mood for it. Very good expression of a certain crazy teenage angsty feeling, but the pacing of the graphic novel is uneven as the author is learning to do a long-form story as he goes. It's a bit immature.
Have you ever seen "Super Jail", the cartoon on Adult Swim? It's kind of like Super Jail meets The Crow.

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If you like JTHM you might also like Maakies by Tony Millionaire or Raw by Art Spiegelman or the aforementioned Superjail.
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Thank you for the tips :) i will check em out :)  
No never seen SuperJail.. but I'm a fan of some Crow related media.. so sounds encouraging 

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