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It is unclear how Johnny got his electrical powers that lead to him being called Johnny Bolt or Sparky but, Johnny has learned over time to rely on his gift of planning for then his super power.


Johnny Bolt was created by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu for there series Supercrooks.

Major Story Arcs


5 years ago, Johnny and his crew of small time criminals are caught by The Gladiator while robbing a jewelery store on the morning of Johnny's marriage to Kasey. Johnny was sent away to Supermax Prison for the next 5 years.

Now, Johnny gets out of prison but Kasey isn't there to pick him up, he tracks her down to a small dinner where she has been working. Johnny tries to explain he robbed the store get her a ring she deserved but Kasey won't listen and kicks him out. While out in the parking lot Johnny finds an injured Carmine.

Carmine explains to Johnny and Kasey how he owes The Salamander a hundred million dollars, and after Carmine is asleep, Johnny tells Kasey he has an idea how to get the money for their friend and mentor. Then when Carmine feels better Johnny and him visit a few of Johnny's old friends and they form the Supercrooks, and fly to Spain to pull the perfect heist by robbing The Bastard.

While in Spain, Johnny tries to get back with Kasey but he seems to have wreaked things too badly and she tries to leave for the US. Johnny focuses on the heist and gets the Supercrooks into the Bastard's safe and out safely, although they have a run in with Praetorian but Johnny uses the blackmailed Gladiator to stop that threat. During the heist Kasey reveals that she still loves Johnny and was never really leaving Spain.

After the heist Johnny tells the team to keep a low profile but he doesn't head his own advise and uses his share to buy Kasey a huge diamond and an over the top wedding proposal.

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