John Stewart Becomes The GLC "Main Character" in issue 22

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Jensen: There will be a fairly significant shakeup. John Stewart is our main character. Other central characters that are continuing on will be Fatality, Kilowog, Salaak, Soranik Natu and a few others. Each of them has a new role in the Corps, and the adjustment won't go smoothly. And then the Corps is in desperate need of new members, so we'll be meeting a lot of rookie Lanterns.

I highly encourage all of you John Stewart fans out there to buy this book to show DC that you support the character. I will! And if issue 22 is good, then keep buying it.

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wasnt this known already?

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@avenging_x_bolt: It was known he would be the only human, but not the main character. I would assume he wouldn't be the main character if DC wanted to kill him off.

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wasnt this known already?

There were rumours going around that he wouldn't join the Corps given the shake up.

@captain13: Nice find, this is some good news for the Stewart fans!

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@lvenger: Thanks! This really is a great way to start off a Tuesday.

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So DC finally figures out something to do with John. This is going to be good.

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John is finally getting the attention he deserves.

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...for now

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John is finally getting the attention he deserves.

I just hope they don't screw it up.

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Great news. I'l definitely check it out. Btw how good is this Jensen guy?

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@fodigg: You and me both. Last thing we all want is for an incompetent writer to screw up an African American characters time to shine (looks at Scott McDaniel).

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@black_claw: Exactly. I don't understand how every other form of media can get minority representation right--except for the comics. John has needed this development for years and the fans have been asking for it. Hopefully Venditti and Jensen develop him so that he is as multi-developed as John was in the cartoon or in Mosaic. He is such an easy sell!

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I'm a little behind on my GLC. What the hell happened to Guy Gardner?!

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@biteme_fanboy: He's going to join the RLC due to events in Green Lantern issue 20. Red Lanterns needs a popular human and Guy will be a good fit.

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I believe he will be heading up the Red Lanterns. What happens to Atrocitus I don't know.

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Sounds good

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