John Stewart an Indigo Lantern

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I'm not gonna go in to why they are in the different corps that they are currently in but I do want to talk about the possible lack of abilities being used by him. He is one of my favorite characters but from past arcs in the GL world we know the Indigo Lanterns are the lanterns of Compassion.


Abilities - We also know they can absorb other lantern light colors heading towards them and redirection them against their foes. They also can teleport

Consquences - The one downfall that we have seen is that the indigo lanterns almost seem like they are in a trance and under the will of someone or something else. How much this affects characters we are unaware of but we know that it has happened to William Hand but not to John Stewart or Ray Palmer. How they have kept for being taken control of is a mystery still.


After knowing that these particular lanterns can do these things the top art doesnt quite make sense. Of course there is a learning curve but he has to know they have the ability to do those things (depending on whether Hal told him or not) I would like to see him use one or both of these particular abilities.



On a side note, after reading Blackest night it seems that when lantern members from different corps all aim at the same target they are more powerful together than if you had the same number of lanterns all from the same corps shoot at something so it would be beneficial for them to create a multi-colored gun, tank, battle ship or something that they could use to just mow down the green lantern corps.

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I really wasn't a fan of the Indigos cause of that whole seeming like they are under a trance or something, but leave it to my boy John to make it look cool! From his indigo camouflage to

him turning his staff into a sniper rifle.

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