Is John Stewart the second best Lantern?

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opinions please

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@YoungGunna:  Do you mean  the second best earth born green Lantern?. I would say hes some way off second  best over all and  behind  Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner in terms of earth based. But its just personal opinion really after Hal really since hes clearly   the earth born lantern that has had the biggest impact on Dc universe.
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Nope.  He's fourth. 
1. Hal Jordan 
2. Alan Scott 
3. Guy Gardner 
4. John Stewart 
5. Kyle Radner
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No, Alan Scott has been stated to rival Superman in terms of power. Plus, his power supply is inexhaustable.
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Third, from Earth.

1. Kyle Rayner

2. Jade
3. Alan Scott
4. John Stewart
5. Hal Jordan
6. Guy Gardner

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1-John Stewart

2-Hal Jordan
3-Alan Scott
4-Kyle Rayner
5-Guy Gardner
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@TheThe said:
" 1-John Stewart

2-Hal Jordan
3-Alan Scott
4-Kyle Rayner
5-Guy Gardner
i like this one, Stewarts the man
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1.Kyle Rayner
2.Hal Jordan
3.Alan Scott
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1. Kilowog (sure he's not the most powerful but he is the coolest IMO)

2. Kyle
3. Alan
4. John
5. Hal
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Really if you look at what a character has done, also consider how many times they've appeared


John Stewart

Hal Jordan

Guy Gardner

Kyle Rayner

and that coming from someone who likes John the most, I really don't care for Kyle, Guy is kinda winning me over and Hal, Hal is one of the most overrated characters ever. All these years of Hal and what has he accomplished with the ring is his life or the lives he is meant to protect and aid any better? but people put him in the number one well I guess we all get our opinions but Hal will never be number one.

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@TheThe said:

1-John Stewart
2-Hal Jordan
3-Alan Scott
4-Kyle Rayner
5-Guy Gardner
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He rose up to the status of Guardian, making him the most powerful GL. You know the next thing DC did? They discontinued his comic, and retconned him to be a backup of a backup again. Whether or not he's the best, or Kyle Rayner does not matter to me. John will always be the best to me.

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2. Kyle Rainer

3. Alan Scott

4. Hal Jordan

5. John Stewart

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The best GL IS John Stewart.

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Hes up there with the best of em thats for sure, But number one? No imo :)

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Hmmm well Stewart is the only Earth Lantern I like, so I suppose I'm biased.

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1. Hal Jordan

2. Alan Scott

3. Kyle Rayner

The rest that I could care less about.

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: @AweSam said:

1. Hal Jordan

2. Alan Scott

3. Kyle Rayner

The rest that I could care less about.

seconded (but my list is reversed- I like Kyle the most:D)

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Out of the earth based ones, it goes Kyle, Alan, Hal, John, Guy

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John's my favorite. Hal Jordan, on the other hand..

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There is no better lantern then the original Alan Scott.

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1. John Stewart

2. Kyle Rayner

3. Hal Jordan

4. Alan Scott

5. Jade

6. Simon Baz

7. Guy Gardner

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John Stewart is the only Earth Lantern that I really care about.

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1. John Stewart/Hal Jordan (tie)(though I prefer John a tiny bit more since I grew up with him)

2. Kilowog

3. Guy Gardener

4. Kyle Rayner

5. Simon Baz

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1. Hal Jordan

2. Kyle Rayner

3. Guy gardener

4. Jade

5. Alan Scott

Nope, not even top 5.

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  1. Hal Jordan
  2. John Stewart
  3. Sinestro
  4. Alan Scott
  5. Kyle Rayner.
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1. Alan Scott

2. John Stewart

3. Kyle Rayner

4. Guy Gardner

5. Kilowog

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1. Kyle Rayner

2. John Stewart

3. Guy Gardner

Everybody else

Then Hal Jordan is last

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1. Hal

2. Sinestro

3. Kilowog

4. Kyle

5. John

6. Abin Sur

7. Ke'haan

8. Hannu

9. Guy

10. Penelops

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The Greatest

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@captain13: I would go to the theater in my draws to see that.

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