John Romita Jr.

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I, for the love of all that is holy, can not understand how anyone finds John Romita Jr.'s 'art' work good, let alone seemingly praise worthy.
His lack of form and detail is staggering.  Sure he is known for the occasional dramatic frame, but that means we disregard all the rest of the mess?

An example?  Sure ... here is one of to many to list ..

I was so excited when I saw this ... on the outside.

But found THIS on the inside ...

wow.  what a master.  woo.  hoo.  

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@Iridium: LOL i agree with you. I was really disappointed when i read World War Hulk. David Finch did such an amazing work on the covers. I don't know why he wasn't the interior artist. JRJR's work on the current Avengers series is really horrible.
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@TheGoldenOne said:
" @Iridium: LOL i agree with you. I was really disappointed when i read World War Hulk. David Finch did such an amazing work on the covers. I don't know why he wasn't the interior artist. JRJR's work on the current Avengers series is really horrible. "
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to be honest. at first i did not like his work ether. but after a few times reading and looking at the His artwork(like WWH for example) there's just something about the way he draws his characters  and the emotions he brings to life of his characters. Plus i have always loved the bloody fights he does... everybody has there own taste for things... you have every right to not like his work. BUT Hopefully You Can Appreciate it... 

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I like Romita, Jr.'s work.
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I do appreciate that from time to time he can pull off a dramatic scene, there is one Spider-Man cover he did with Spidey, at night, in the rain.  That is well done, but I just can not find how such a, in my opinion, tiny fraction of his work necessitates the following he had.  It still strikes me as bizzare.

Whenever I need a good laugh I check out the Wild Boys link.  Good Lord.  How can whomever drew that be a commercially successful artist, let alone one which some people regard as 'legendary'.  I am not saying he is not well liked, because it seems to be.  Just to my eye the vast majority of his art is horrible work. 
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At first I didn't care for his work until I read Spider-man vs Morlun comic (I forget the names) and Wolverine Enemy of the State. Its got a kind of grit I feel is need for some titles. His fight pages are top notch, bloody and powerful. One more the I like about about his work a wished I saw with other top artist is that its not sexist. The women are gritty as the men (and don't act like u don't know what I'm talking about)

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Its stylized like Walt Simonson you either love it or hate it. I like it alot.

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I liked him until he did Avengers. That was just awful. 

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He's terrible. I refuse to read anything he does.

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@The Dark Huntress: Even if it's the best story ever?
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I love him, sorry..he's one of my favourite artists..I don't go for the really literal super fine detail like Mayhew..I like the more expressive rough work that he, Sook and Mignola are known for..

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I Like his Work ( it`s full of emotions , he`s not going for beauty but his skills art top notch and heck I have and will continue to buy whatever comics he works on or puts out ) because he is not like the rest of these oh so perfect fine painter hyper realistic artist you all are so fond of . to me I feel his work is different enough to stand out side of every bodies preceded norm ( I bet it`s all bland from where your vision is mister ) but Hey it`s better to be Hated and let the haters hate than bow down to there ungrateful demands . 
because at the end of the day this man is doing what he loves and nothing you ungrateful little brats  can doing  nothing other wise to change it ! 
and tell me this does comic book art have to be perfect in your eyes (does every book have to look like  real life , come on enjoy free form expression and stop crying about how much you dont like it . if that`s the case then dont buy it ! 

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He's lazy, and rushes work. No matter what, he reduces everything in his universe to blocky cubes that simultaneously fail to keep up the form of their own space, and flatten. I don't know what people are talking about his faces. They're not individualized, and they come off stagnant, like masks. I can't tell if that's Tony Stark or Dr. Strange, and without reading the text, I certainly can't read his mood. I say he's lazy because in the past he's at least tries for dynamic compositions. He doesn't even try for that at this point. His pages are boring to look at. AvX is an explicit example of this.

That shot of Hit Girl isn't terrible, but I'm crediting that to the colors and inks. Her left arm doesn't make sense though. It looks like a shrunken noodle, which is funny because usually his figures are known for their stagnant rigidity.

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