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Brief History

John Norman together with his brother Jimmy where cowboys and guards for a caravan of many people. The travelers got separated due to a large part of a mountain falling in the midst of the caravan. Although only one person was killed, the caravan now was separated from one another. The front of the Caravan, with John's brother Jimmy would go to the town of Eluria and wait there while the back part of the Caravan, including John would later meet up with them. By the time John and his people met up with the rest of the caravan, Jimmy and other where already in a fire fight against the Green Ones, the inhabitants of the spooky town of Eluria. All where killed, including John's brother Jimmy. John was one of the few who managed to survive. He got a blow to the head, after that everything went dark. He then woke up in a bed, unable to move, and a sisterhood called the Little Sister of Eluria  'guarding' over him and 'helping' him recover. This while the Little Sisters where actually vampire-like creatures whom nurtured him back to health so they could feed off of him. John found out about this fairly soon, as he saw the Sisters kill and feed on others from his caravan while he pretended to be asleep. He also noticed the Sisters couldn't touch him as long as he wore the Cross of Jesus. John helped Roland by giving him this information, since Roland was captured by the Sisters as well, but had found the Cross that John's brother whore (It had been giving to John and his brother Jimmy in their childhood).
John was however killed not long before Roland managed to escape. The Sister had asked one the Green Ones to take of the Cross, giving him tobacco and whiskey for his troubles. Knowing that they where lying, the Green One simply sliced John's throat open, and ran off, hoping the sister would go for the blood coming from John. That plan worked, and John was unfortunately killed by the Sisters of Eluria. He was avenged in a way, when Roland and Sister Jenna escaped and killed two of the sisters.

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