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John Howlett is a character of Earth-4011

When John was only twelve years old, John finds his mother kissing the gardener (Thomas Logan). Later he confronts his mother and in a fit of rage pops his claws and slashes his mothers' side. He is quickly pulled away by a stable hand called Charile, who is described as having hands like a grizzly bear. His Grandfather takes John away promising cure, but instead locks him up mental asylum. It is years before John is noticed. He is one of the first Weapon X experiments (at this point he is mentally unstable due to the lack human contact), the scientists just refer to him as 'X'. When he was well enough, they began to run tests on him this is the point where he realizes he can phase through solid objects such as walls. Some time after, he kills all the guards and escapes to Japan where he became Kitsunebi, the white ghost of Mount Hiragana (west of Torikana village).

200 Years Later

It would be nearly 200 years before an aged Wolverine would venture to Hiragana-san mountain look for the secrets to his past. Some way up the mountain John (in his White Ghost form) attacks and savagely slashes Logan just to show him who’s boss. John leaves Logan on the mountain side knowing that Logan will heal. Eventually John send his soldiers to collect Logan from the mountain side and bring him back to John’s base in a temple on top of the mountain. John meets Logan in a large chamber room with a large picture of the Howlett estate; the two start a savage claw fight with no one gaining the upper hand until John turns into his ghost form and starts smashing Logan’s head against the wall, Logan drops to the floor and sheathes his claws. Instead of carrying on the fight, John drops to his knees and wraps his arm around him and reveals that Logan is his little brother.

After a lengthy talk, John leads Logan downstairs to a room, inside was the tank where Weapon X bound the unbreakable metal adamantium to his bones and claws. Logan destroyed the tank out of anger, John explains to that Weapon X died long ago and that they were all that remained of the project. John makes an offer to join him all though he does not say in what.

John give Logan time to think about the offer, Logan walks outside to think about the offer then a mysterious voice starts talking to him. It turns out to be the voice is the soul of Charles Xavier, who was mysteriously killed and then bound himself to Wolverine. John joins Logan on the mountain side, without warning, Logan pushes John off the edge.

However, John survives the fall and migrates to put his master-plan into action. His plan was to blow up and the American economy would crumble and then he would come and buy every company in the country; John described it as “The biggest hostile takeover of the stock market history”.

But this does not go smoothly, Wolverine had tracked him to his casino and destroys the bomb, this angers John and he attacks Logan starting yet another fight. The two end up fighting on a cable cart this is where John mentions Logan’s children and the first ever mention of Wolverine’s son Daken. John goes to slash Logan but miss and hits the wire of the cable cart and the two fall to the ground. When they hit the ground, John is impaled on Wolverine’s claws, just before he dies John tells Logan that he was all way proud of him and for the first time he calls him Logan instead of James, John dies in his brother’s arms.


Height: 5’11

Weight: 200 lbs

Eyes: blood red

Hair: white


John is a mutant who has a number of abilities similar to his younger brother Wolverine but there are some differences, his primary ability to phase through solid matter when he is doing this he can turn invisible and also walk on air. John also has the ability to rapidly heal and regenerate damage and destroyed area’s of his body much faster that a normal human, this is known as a healing factor, his healing factor makes him immune to disease, drugs and poisons also his healing factor slows the aging process considerably however Johns healing factor is not a strong as Wolverine’s healing factor. John’s healing factor also makes John’s stamina practically limitless.

John possesses three retractable bone claws houses in his fore-arms, the claws are made of a material stronger than bone, his claws extend from the back of his hands. John’s senses are heightened he can see in complete darkness also John sense of smell is so strong he knew Logan was out side his casino before any sensors detect him.


John has been alive for nearly 3 centuries, in this time he has lived in many different countries, learning and mastering many different forms of combat.

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