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Rank & Role

As the captain of the Pirate Club, John is in charge of recruiting members, holding meetings and strategically conquering new territories from rival clubs.


John's obsession is to become a true pirate of the high seas. As ruthless and cold hearted as they come, John is always looking to profit in the name of the Pirate Club, no matter what misfortune that may mean for rival clubs of Blackhawk Delta. John moved one step closer to becoming a true pirate when his left eye was shot out (earning him an eyepatch) by a ricocheting bullet fired from Officer Reilly's gun.

Powers & Abilities

In terms of typical powers John essentially has none -- at least not in the real world. Though in the final issue of Volume 1 John was able to use his imagination in the North Pole to conjure a shark for one attack which resulted in Santa Claus receiving a devastating neck wound. Although it is known that this power was a result of John's impeccable imagination, it appears these powers were only possible in the North Pole because of its association with imagination and magic.

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