Who would out con who??

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Who would come out on top between Constantine and loki if they were trying to out con each other? I know john has outconned the devil etc which is pretty dam impressive but im not as up to date on loki. whats your thoughts?

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@cdw101: I favor Loki in this encounter. When portrayed right he is basically John, but has been doing this for far longer and with far more power at his disposal. Outwitting the FOF doesn't seem that great since by John's own admission the guy is an idiot. A lot of John's plans rely on his opponent being bound by mystical rules, not knowing he is coming, or being dumb enough to think they can play him. I doubt Loki would fall for most of those. John's main advantage is that weird luck power of his where the universe will bend over backwards so things come out in his favor even if the rest of the world burns.

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I know Loki is a god, but Constantine has built a reputation by taking on various deities (both divine and infernal) over the course of his numerous adventures so I'm gonna give this to Constantine.

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Constantine has outsmarted the devil himself and various other demons and angels with just as much if not more power than Loki. So I gotta give this one to good old Con-job. It'd be a fierce and entertaining battle of wits, but eventually Constantine would get the last laugh.

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Eh, people are talking about how John outsmarted the devil, but it depends on who the "devil" is. I consider Lucifer to be more of the devil and he is MUCH more impressive than FOF.

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