Who's better?!

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So, Who's the better sorcerer/wizard/occultist out of John or Dr.strange?

personally for me its Constantine all the way! more edgy, plus he's English so gotta represent eh?!!!

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@cdw101: Better in what way? A better character is personal interpretation. Better at magic would probable be Dr. Strange. Better at planning ahead would be Constantine. One problem with the pre-52 Constantine was his lack of raw power. In some stories his enemies come off as idiots for not outright killing him when they have the power. Sometimes his enemies tended to be stupid. If you were to switch Constantine with certain other wizards like Harry Dresden I think they could probable survive in Constantine's world, but he could not survive in theirs.

#3 Posted by Squares (8661 posts) - - Show Bio

Better at being a sorcerer/wizard/occultist? Doctor Strange, no contest.

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Dr Strange is better at it all but John would quickly learn all his tricks. But John's the better character

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