Where to start with Constantine?

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I have Delano's Hellblazer run, and want to try to read the series chronologically from there, but i know that Alan Moore created Constantine in Swamp Thing. In the first few issues of Hellblazer there is reference to 'Emma' and some ghosts that are haunting Constantine after the apparently had something to do with their deaths. Do these events happen in Swamp Thing, and if so which issues? And are there any other issues of Swamp Thing that have an effect on future Hellblazer storylines?


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Eh, haven't read the early Hellblazer and Swamp Thing in a long time but I'll try. I'll be soon reading both series fully though.

The issue that you're referring to is most likely issue #4. It's not Emma but Gemma, John's niece. The issue isn't connected to Swamp Thing.

Hellblazer and Swamp Thing do have a small crossover in issues #9 and 10 of Hellblazer and #76 of Swamp Thing. The Swamp Thing issue happens between those issues. Pretty sure that the new edition of Original Sins collects those issues.

John Constantine also appears in these issues of Swamp Thing and you can see the trades in the volume page. It's not fully collected though.


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The crossover is the root (pun unintended) of John's tattoo. Hilarious stuff. 
@Billy Batson: Emma was his girlfriend that (surprisingly, I know) died because of him. I think # 1 references her and/or shows her on panel as a ghost that is only visible to John.
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Bah, such an obscure character that you tend to forget. According to CV she died in issue #37 of The Saga of Swamp Thing. So the OP should read that as well.
I see that you're too lazy of a mod to move the thread :p

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@Billy Batson: Hh. Justifying my besting you, senior Batson! :P 
I hadn't even noticed, actually. It shall be done momentarily.

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