What If Kieron Gillen Wrote Hellblazer/Constantine

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I Really Likes Gillen's Run On Journey Into Mystery, Do Your Self A Favor And Pick It Up

Put What I Saw Later On In The Series It Similarities To Hellblazer Series

Loki Would Trick Very Powerful Magical Beings Into Doing His Dirty Work, Even Mephisto

And The Fact That Gillen Is From England Is A Added Bonus Right.

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God damn, that'd be an awesome series. Gillen's mentioned that he'd like to as well.

One day!

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LOL @ the thread and the one day comment. There's hardly a chance of that now. For the real version of the character, at least.

I had plenty of writers on my mind that I would have wanted on the series. Gillen wasn't one of them since I haven't really read any of his stuff but I've heard his JiM was pretty good, though I'm not really eager to read it. But assuming he had been on it...

Hellblazer would have possibly gotten more monies and the anal morons wouldn't have been so eager to cancel it.


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