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Hey guys! So DC's formation with Wildstorm and Vertigo comics has introduced me to John Constantine, found him to be an interesting character so I picked up some of his Hellblazer arcs such as Original Sins, Devil you know and my favorite Dangerous Habits and very much enjoyed the series. I was hoping to get some recommendations to read some other good arcs, preferably recent and I am a sucker for good art. Look forward to hearing from you :)

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Go check out Hellblazer Annual. Great story, art by simon bisley

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Brian Azzerello's run was great, my personal favorite run.

#4 Posted by knighteagle (29 posts) - - Show Bio

thanks guys, definitely check both out :)

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Late to the party but let me recommend Ennis' Son of Man (my personal fav- I mean Demons and mobsters what's not to like) and all of Warren Ellis' oh so brief run.

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