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So...Johns page is Plagiarized.  I don't know who did it in all honesty as all I did to get top spot was add pictures. 
Anyone mind if I build the page from ground up?

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@TheDrifter: if you want to put in the work
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I don't mind doing it, It's just a matter of if anyone minds me basically trashing everything.

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If it's plagiarised, then go for it... Just make sure to leave a note in the comments box in the bottom of the screen :)
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Would this not have been better in the Plaiarism page on the edit section?
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Just as long as it's true and only shows fact and not opinion, then yeah go for it. To more information you can add the better. To be honest I don't think plagiarizing information is that big a deal, when people copy and paste info from another website it's only improving the info available on this website.  However if you can add more to it and make it so it isn't just copied and pasted, then yeah I say go for it.

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@courtney12490 said:
" this is already a thread "
This thread was already reviewed by a mod and not locked. Why would you bother bumping it a month and a half after the fact? This problem was already addressed.
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@Korg: first of all, i didn't even look at what the date of the last post was, second, i didn't mean to be disrespectful to anybody, i just thought that it would suit everybody's purpose to have a link to the main plagiarism thread in a thread titled "plagiarism"

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