NBC's Constantine pilot leaked!

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I enjoyed the ‪‎Constantine‬ pilot, though it's not the strongest. It's kind of a mix between the film, Supernatural, and the watered-down New 52 Constantine book. It does stay close to the comic book stories from the JC/Hellblazer days (though they still mispronounce the name) but in a less cynical-and-dark fashion.

I understand it is an NBC show, so smoking is out of the question and all, but I think it needs to embrace more grimness and Punk Rock attitude in order to stand out from the other genre shows (I think the archetypal character of comic book horror adventures deserves that little).

Anyway, solid start, way better that ‪The Flash‬.

Also, Dr. Fate's helmet and Social D's version of Ring of Fire were nice to spot!

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I actually like the Flash pilot more, but liked both well enough. It obviously has some edges smoothed down but seems fun anyway. I think it was going to be pretty obvious it would be more new 52 than Vertigo, unfortunately.

The most random easter egg (which can be seen in the shot of Fate' helmet) is the Ibistick right behind the helmet.

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I loved the flash pilot.................I actually loved the constantine pilot, granted its not following the stories from hellblazer word by word, frame by frame....but rather creating new stories for him, i loved the fact that they actually stayed true to a good portion of his character, 80% to be frank, yes he's not visibly shown smoking, nor is he ooverpowered.....but when he's explaining his backstory to liz, his backstory is identical to his hellblazer john counterpart...also the fact that he has the same crude humour personality as in hellblazer adds to the appeal. Also at the end it was explained how john came into contact with nergal, and the backstory with nergal is basically identical to hellblazer, also when it was explained that john believes he has a situation under control, another nod to johns character which causes most of his problems in the comic. Also in the show johns damned to hell trying to find a way out, thats a nod to dangerous habits............did i forget to mention nergal? oh wait i did, also the first of the fallen was referenced , with the exact explanation as in the hellblazer comics. Chas is perfect, there was also a reference to dr fate.

At the end scene john was shown briefly smoking and also not giving a cent about other peoples life, adding the same comic personality to the show counterpart, and also the show takes place in england, even better.

Overall the show seems to be doing john justice, i love how they stayed true to most of his character, and how they were able to incorporate an entire story arc(dangerous habits)but presented differently while staying true to the essentials, i love how john does favors for his friends...............the pilot is everything i was expecting it to be, and it defo did my favorite character justice.

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Lol @ the views of this thread.


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