My Casting Choice For John Constantine

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What do you think?

and Yes I Photoshopped this.
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I would have to go with Paul Bettany hands down

But if I lived in a perfect world were everyone can act I'd have to say BIlly Idol

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Daniel Craig....Thats actually not a bad choice. 

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@Jack Angel: I really wanted to use this head for photoshopping, because it looks more constantineish....but alas, it didn't fit with the body. 
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I could live with Daniel Craig, he's proved himself, but people don't realize Constantine isn't exactly "handsome" per se, he's just blond (sp).

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Daniel Craig not only looks the part, he's a credible actor to

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@pimsy: As much as I like Daniel Craig, I have to go with you on this one. Daniel Craig is in to good of a shape to play Constantine. Never thought I would say that someone was to built to play a comic book character.......
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No, you can't have him, I need him to be Detective Chimp.

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It has to be someone who can not just play a ladies man, but also an @$$hole, because that's what he is. I don't want to like that I like him in a movie, I want to hate that I am rooting for him.

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Nah, not feeling it.

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I could live with Craig as Constantine, but as with most other comic characters, I would rather have some no-name in the role.

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I think Neil Patrick Harris can do John.

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I think Neil Patrick Harris can do John.

never in a million years

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Am I the only one that thinks Guy Pearce would have been the perfect John Constantine ten years ago? I think he could still pull it off, mind you, just would have been been perfect slightly younger.

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Marc Warren.

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Jude law maybe?

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Too bad that he isn't an actor

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Keanu reeves?

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I think Craig would be cool. But if I could back anyone it would be Marc Warren

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Clive Owen is literal perfect for the role. All they would have to do is dye his hair blond.

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