John is coming back to the DCU.

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Okay, this is where it pretty much gets official.

At the Hellblazer 25th Anniversary panel last night at the London Sci-Fi Festival, questions were asked about Bleeding Cool’s coverage of John Constantine’s impending return to the DC Universe line of titles.

Current Hellblazer writer Peter Milligan, and DCU contributor, confirmed that, yes, John Constantine is returning to his old stomping grounds. But it’s not going to affect the Hellblazer book, or his portrayal therein (which, quite frankly, has been stellar of late). And while he couldn’t speak for the DC Universe portrayal, he understands that it will basically be the same character, the same person, but it won’t interfere with his Vertigo portrayal.

He said that he thinks the Hellblazer readership is sophisticated enough to know that there is a separation. In the same way as they can read an annual or a graphic novel featuring Constantine that isn’t in strict continuity with what’s happening in the monthly title.

So, what do you reckon? Are you sophisticated enough? Or is it a load of, as the DCU-appearing Constantine may say. “bullocks”? Let me know in the comments below…    


So what do you think people ?

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There are a billion alternate universe John Constantines. Just look at the page on here and count the different universes. One more John Constantine rooted in the DC universe won't hurt.

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*First post on ComicVine so please don't string me up for my opinions*

The only concern I have with Constantine being  wrenched back into the DC continuum is that he might be "used" as a commercial draw for flagging titles / storylines trying to lure in Hellblazer fanatics. In the same way Marvel throws Wolverine into any title they can shoehorn him in, Constantine could lose believability as a character in the process and seeing that his character is normally the driving force behind his attraction of Hellblazer it could pretty much kill him dead in his tracks...

Hope thats not the case though seeing that Hellblazer has been consistently written with such a high standard it would be a shame to see him used as a simple plot device or third party narrator to unbelievable plot twists.

I'll have to see how the Swamp Thing storyline plays out post Brightest Day *fingers crossed*
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At least Didiot did the right thing this time and separated both versions of Constantine.
Though I must say that Brightest Day Aftermath # 1 sucked hard.

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