Jeff Lemire And Ray Fawkes To Launch CONSTANTINE This March

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#51 Posted by derf_jenkins (548 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice! Lemire is gonna rock this!

#53 Posted by Billy Batson (59146 posts) - - Show Bio

@ApatheticAvenger said:

Hoping Lemire can handle Justice League Dark, Animal Man, Green Arrow, and Constantine all together. He'll likely be leaving Animal Man, much like Snyder's departure from Swamp Thing.

You forgot Trillium.
Nah, he has said that he's planning a long run for A-Man. He's having a co-writer in JLD and Constantine so maybe he might pull it off. Or just hand either title to Fawkes.

#54 Edited by Billy Batson (59146 posts) - - Show Bio

@The_Vein said:

John had better say fuck. That's all I'm asking.

You know that's not going to happen.

#56 Posted by Billy Batson (59146 posts) - - Show Bio

@ApatheticAvenger said:

@Billy Batson: Here's hoping he can pull it off.

Indeed though I wish DC would spread their writers better.

#57 Posted by bog2814 (65 posts) - - Show Bio

@NewComicGuy said:

Is Constantine going to remain in JLD or just go solo? If he remains, then I will probably just stick with that, Zatanna is my favorite character from that book but I would find it much less enjoyable without Constantine.

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