First Official Image of Matt Ryan as John Constantine

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This looks promising.

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I heard the producers are still iffy on whether or not he'll smoke

Heard the same. It's a conflict with the network. Probably won't even watch if he doesn't.

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Looks so good that it should have been apart of the movie franchise.

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Looks like Matt Ryan's Constantine could be the son of...

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I know very little of JC but I am going to check out the pilot at the very least out of respect for the comic character since everyone loves the guy. there is potential for some really cool cameos here.

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I know, that's why I went out of my way to spell it ConstanTEEN when referring to the Reeves movie since that's the pronunciation they used instead of the British pronunciation of the name.

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Wow, looks great.

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I really like the way this first pic looks. Much more like a Hellblazer cover than a new 52 Constantine one.

Still, as someone who own every single issue and graphic novel of Hellblazer, I am still highly sceptical. I love this property too much to see it handled wrong again.

I know a lot of people defend the Keanu movie, but those were never Hellblazer fans. The movie pissed all over Hellblazer and didn't get what made the comics so special.

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He's a scouser? That's fantastic, I'm so glad they're paying that much attention to the comics.

I'm so happy with this casting! I expected another blunder but this!!! I am so onboard now we have a proper blond and scouse Constantine. Now he has to nail the personality and I can die happy.

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Looks too young in my opinion. He needs to be more 'gruff'.

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He looks perfect for JC.

I really hope they don't screw this up; I've been a JC fan since his first appearances in Swamp Thing.

Sounds like they're kicking off the story in a similar place to where the first issues of Hellblazer started (with 'Newcastle' as an ever looming, and defining, event in JC's past).

He needs his Silk Cut - without his smoking habit there's a huge chunk of character defining story they can't touch (the only thing the Keannu film got right IMO). I'm also guessing that it will all be set stateside, which is a little saddening - especially as there are many pages from the first few years of Hellblazer that are (or rather were 20 some years ago) totally recognizable UK locations - especially the Northampton ones from Jamie Delano's run... I still get a kick from seeing Abington Park and the 'Rice Bowl' Chinese take-away on the Wellingborough road portrayed in the comics ;)

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Wow! Excellent casting decision! Looks great! Who would have thought that visually accurate casting would work?

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He looks great

I am auto watching this

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I've never read any Hellblazer comics but I do know what Constantine looks like. But I hope that Swamp Thing or Zatanna show up.

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He looks great.

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Wheres the fucking lung cancer?

#117 Posted by Billy Batson (59391 posts) - - Show Bio

Wheres the fucking lung cancer?

The thing that was in what, one arc?


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@jeanralphio said:

Wheres the fucking lung cancer?

The thing that was in what, one arc?


Though it was one pretty awesome arc.

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JC without cigarettes would be like Bruce Wayne still having parents.

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some one please quote my name and tell me the tv time.

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Oh look it's Edward Kenway with a haircut!

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