Dream Hellblazer project.

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Please any non-Hellblazer fans tell me you wouldn't try this issue(s) or OGN out if it was created?

Writer: Stephen King and Peter Straub (writers of The Talisman)
Interior art: Tony Shasteen*
Cover: Alex Ross or Brian Bolland or Massimo Carnevale*
Letterer: Todd Klein
Colorist: Nei Ruffino* and JD Mettler*
* The people with (*) are the creative team behind the Del Rey adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straub's the Talisman. I picked up Vol.1 (The Road of Trials) since I'll admit I have been loving the Marvel Dark Tower and The Stand series.

I say this team since I enjoyed this brand new adaptation of another King Classic. In the interview section, Peter Straub was asked "Have you read any comics or graphic novels recently, or do you have any on your reading wish lists?"

"PS: Let's see... I reread Watchmen after I saw a DVD of the movie, and I've been reading a five-part Batman tale, Gotham Central, shich focuses mainly on the Gotham police force. And I try to keep up with John Constantine."

When I read that I was flooded. I couldn't imagine a huge Horror talent like him not asked to write at least a few comics... maybe co-write. I loved Ian Rankin's Dark Entries and wished it had better production value.

But with King having a growing comics Back ground and these two writing together before, why not give them a John Constantine OGN they can work on on their own time, or give them a few Guest spots, let Peter Milligan show them the ropes.

issue 300 is on its way, please Vertigo make it a must have issue for all readers of any kind.

- King, Straub, you can have Joe Hill too
A line up like that you can have an Alex Ross cover and why hasn't Bolland every drawn John Constantine? Make that a Variant or something. 300 is a few years away make it happen! Make it Huge, John Constantine deserves it and 150, 200, 250 were all meh. 100 was Fun it had an Alan Moore cameo, 50 I believe was the B-day issue, I 40get. 275 I am assuming won't be mind blasting, so make 300 an must have comics to bring Hellblazer sales back!

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@Silkcuts said:
"50 I believe was the B-day issue, I 40get "
63 was the birthday issue (first issue with the Vertigo label)
50 was the first appearance of the King of Vampires...I personally haven't read any of the other "milestone" issues though so I couldn't rate them
as for this idea, I mean I'd love to see an epic #300, but truth be told I don't read Talisman so apart from Todd Klein and the cover artists you listed I don't really know any of these other people in terms of their comic contriubtion (I don't count Stephen King because his AV arc isn't over yet)...oh and I love Ruffino's colors...but yeah, I don't care who they bring in, just make it climactic!

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