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Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on good Constantine stories. So far, I've only read Pandemoniun, Bad Blood, and Dark Entries, so I suspect I'm missing out on a lot. Thanks for your help.
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I loved Dark Entries and Pandemonium was possibly my favorite Delano Hellblazer story (haven't read Bad Blood though)...the current Hellblazer run by Peter Milligan (#251-present) is so far my favorite of the entire series but some of my favorite Constantine stories include:

  • Dangerous Habits (Hellblazer #41-46, Ennis' first story)
  • Freezes Over (Hellblazer #158-161...favorite of Azzarello's run anyways)
  • Hellblazer: City of Demons #1-5 (trade comes out really soon)
  • Shade, the Changing Man #42-44 (Constantine's more of a guest star)
  • Staring at the Wall (Hellblazer #189-193, I like how huge the enemy is and how it affects multiple characters from the Vertigo universe)
  • all of Andy Diggle's stuff (three trades), I particularly enjoyed #243-244
also, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing is necessary if you want to get a feel for the original character and I like him in various other Swamp Thing stories...and Delano's run is good in that he really defined the Constantine character and fleshed him out
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@aztek the lost: Thanks, definitely gives me some stuff to look into.
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@RoninLoganX: I also enjoyed him in Books of Magick: Life During Wartime but that's an alternate universe...not alternate in that characters are different in personality, moreso just an alternate world so that's it's out-of-continuity

I liked Carey and Ennis' Hellblazer stories in general (I just named a favorite arc from each in my previous post)...Ellis had some good stuff but he only did two trades worth of stories before censorship caused him to leave the book...Azzarello's stuff was good but not what I'd call definitive Constantine, it's Americanized...Gaiman also wrote a great issue of Hellblazer (#27) but apart from The Sandman, that's Gaiman on Constantine...oh and the All His Engines OGN was great...I won't deny there are some bad Constantine stories but they aren't usually advertised as much
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Everything Garth did. Tainted Love, John pisses on a vampire while he burns in the sun, classic Constantine! The first ones are pretty great

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