Can someone help me make a case for Constantine

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Im new to Hellblazer so I dont know all of Constantines feats or storylines anyway I got stuck into a debate on another site about why Constantine is on prep level higher or comparable to Thanos. NOTE (I dont mind spoilers so could someone help me make a case for Constantine

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nah, thats just not true, he's expert at magic, as much as a human being can be. Not in the way of cosmic power and controlling a planet or anything. Constantine's bst tool next to his magic is his silver tongue. I mean if you put a jaw-jacking constantine in a room with thanos, who knows, a little spell of persuasion and manipulation, and he might get thanos to just give him a victory. But as far as supernatural talent no, I highly dout their even in te same league

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he could probably convince Thanos to give up. but straight out beat him? no.

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I don't think John is that big of a planner, he's just really good at planning at the last second. Most con artists are. Con artist have master plans sure, but most of the time it goes wrong and they have to react and adapt on a fly. What makes them (and Constantine) so great are their abilities to turn ANY situation to their advantage. So Yeah, not sure Constantine is that big of a master-planner, more so he's just really good and taking any situation and making it good for him.

That's my little rant, but now on to answering your question. Thanos is better in terms of magical abilities, Constantine is better at adapting and turning any situation to his advantage.

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@killeratthedrivein: that's assuming Thanos doesn't just snap John's neck off the bat


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