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Jasmine dreams about the greenery and about David, another Next Men. But, soon, the dream becomes nightmare when David changes his human form to his real form then to a horrible monster with Aldus Hilltop's face. When she awakes, it's difficult to the senator to calm her. The Dr Axelrod, supposed father of Jasmine, explains to her that his trip in the alternate reality explains this nightmare. But, later, in another room,  Hilltop and Axelrod talk about their plan made for obtaining informations from Jasmine and about the advises of Sathanus for this plan.
After having travelled to the White House with Jasmine, Aldus Hilltop mets Duccumen in a office. But Hilltop is taken ill and, when Control comes up to him, the senator steals his entire life energy, discovering he has became Sathanus himself.
In front of the White House, Thomas Kirkland mets Nathan, Danny and Bethany. He explains to them that he had travel from the future in order to help them to kill the future president, Aldus Hilltop.
In another place, Amanda Watson asks to Mark IV to reveal all about the plan of Cornelius Van Damme, precising she doesn't beleive to Carolyn Kenniston. In fact, Carolyn is a agent of Van Damme and Van Damme, thanks to a new technology, had put his mind in Mark IV body, ganing all his powers.

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