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In a New York alley, Bethany and Nathan, exit from the subway, talks about their love relationship. But, 2 bad guys, associates of Dr Trogg (the Dollar Comics character) attack them. The Next Men are about to win when their enemies disappear.

At the same time, Danny gets out Sandy Tolliver from a sort of trance. In fact, a lot of strange events had occurred to the young woman. She had changed like Sandy had always dreams of, becoming like a top-model body. She had healed from his diabetes and his scoliosis and sometimes, she makes strange dreams that appear very near of the reality. His doctor tells her that these changes were quite inexplicable but asks her a single question: did she have physical contact with one of the Next Men.

In Washington, Tony Mucherson asks to Control why he made possible the attack of the subway where the Next Men were. Control tries to convince her that a spy made this. In fact, Control has just become the new associate of Aldus Hilltop.

In his side, Thomas Kirkland tells to his friend Janey the future of the Earth. In the history books of his time, Aldus Hilltop is become the most important president of the USA (and ever president for life) just after the Next Men had attacked him in the White House. But, in the same time, mutants had appeared more and more, some good and some bad. The scientists discover that the mutant gene is passed on by sexual relationship. But, before this discovery, the mutants had created their own states. The ONU refuses to recognize these states and the war of the 6000 days begins. Finally, Sathanus, the leader of the Mutants, travels in the past. It’s the reason why Thomas Kirkland had also travel through time in pursuit of him.

In the sequel of the M4 back-up (joined with the Next Men story), Amanda and Carolyn are saved from the maze by Mark IV and escape from Van Damme’s house in a helicopter.

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