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After the attack of the unused subway, Jasmine runs in the tunnels. She meets Control who rescues her. He takes her in a hospital and persuades her to ends his pregnancy, considered too dangerous for her.

On their side, Danny and the kid, who have met Hellboy in the subway leave the tunnel and are taken it in their home by Sandy and Garrisson Carter.

Always in the tunnel, Tony and Bethany help some kids of the underground community before the invulnerable Next Women goes alone in order to save other kids. But she has to fight against 3 men who attacks the underground and kills 2 of them. She falls in depression.

Later, she meets Nathan, Jack and Father Michael. The Father decides to go again in the tunnels in order to rescue some people. Jack, convinced by the reading of the Bible, decides to go with him. Nathan and Bethany are together again.

In the M4 back-up, Cornelius Van Damme tells to his guests how Mark IV explores the complex where he was created just before he was knocked down by Amanda. He also tells to the two women that his intention is to replace the president Hilltop by Mark IV in order to gain more power.

Just after, he abandons Amanda and Carolyn in a big hedge maze, where the temperature lowers under 68 degrees the night.

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