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During, 10 days, in the abandonned subway tunnels, Jack was very interessed in reading the Holy Bible. But, suddenly, the tunnels are bombed by surface forces, apparently leaded by Control.

Tony orders to the next men to take care of one child of the tunnel's community and to divide each other. Danny enters in a little tunnel with a young black kid but the ground gives up under their feet.

In older subway tunnel, the two kids are saved from a huge monster by Hellboy. The three travel underground and Hellboy, partly amnesic and disorientated finds a way out but the monster attacks them again. All the same, the kids escapes from the tunnels while Hellboy continues to fight.

In New York, Sandy tolliver is in bed with Garrison Carter, the man who had seen in real Doctor Trogg and Blue Dahlia. She wakes up and explains what she just had dreamed of the attack of the tunnels, Danny, another kid and Hellboy who helps them. And, when the couple put on the TV, they see that Sandy's dream is quite near the reality.

Farther, Thomas Kirkland explains to the woman who help him that, despites the fact that he was arrived too soon, his mission is to save the President Hilltop from the Next Men.

In M4, Cornelius Van Damme is dining with Amanda Watson, Marl IV and Carolyn Kanniston, served by men and woman totally nude and blind ( a way for van Damme to preserved his security). He tells to his three guests the wath of Mark IV between his "escaping" and this moment.

In fact, Mark IV had a quite normal life for three years after he escaped, working and having some love story. But he fell in love with a beautiful blind woman, part of Van Damme personnel. The old paranoic man investigated about Mark and discovered his extraordinary ability and, so, kept the android as a guest in his house. However, the news of the death of Professor Kenniston makes Mark IV leaving in order to find more information about his now dead "father" and about his creation.

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