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In the disused tunnels of the New York's subway, the Next Men discovers an entire city rules by the Father Michael Benedict. A city were the homeless can find shelter and support.
Entering in the tunnels just after the heroes, two reporters are captured by the tunnels's keepers. The Next Men succeed to speak to them and learn than they investigate about the Next Men project and the mutants (In Fact,  the two reporters, Walker Stone and Donna Wojciechowski, are the protagonist of the novel "the Whipping Boy" written by John Byrne).
In New York, Sandy Tolliver meets Garisson Carter,  the witness of the apparition of Dr Trogg and Blue Dahlia, the characters of Dollar Comics and also of her dream meanwhile a Dr Trogg investigate about this strange world.
In Washington, Sathanus tells to a doctor that he comes from the future were he is the leader of  the mutants pariahs. He also tells that he already exist in this time, before he became Sathanus.
In the tunnels,  jack talks to Father Benedict about his guilt and the father gives him a Bible.

In the M4 back-up story, Amanda learns from Cornelius Van Damme that he controls Mark IV and that he want to implant his brain in the android in order to become immortel.

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