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Some years ago, in the greenery, the Next Men discover two babies. Jasmine, a little girl at this time, has to name the two twins find in the Genesis Cave. She chooses Daniel and Gillian.
In the present time, Jasmine, supposed pregnant from nathan, talk with him about their time in the greenery and the differences between this world and the real one. Later, Antonia visits Jasmine but two masked men neutralize her and kidnap the pregant Next Woman.
In the street, Mr Horowitz, Director of Dollar Comics and Manager of the Next Men Superhero team, had organised a sort of show for the team but without had informing somebody.
So, a truck fakes a crash and the Next Men save the stuntmen like they are heroes.
However, a real military armored vehicle arrives and thows a special giant net in the team. Recognized some days before by the sheriff of Climax who imprisonned them, the Next Men are under arrest for the murder of the 129 persons of the Next Men project complex.
In the M4 story, Mark IV and Amanda talk with Carolyn Kenniston about the past of Mark, especially about the 7 years between his escape and his meeting with Amanda. Mark has almost all forget but succeed to find a name: Van Damme. But the car of Carolyn where they are is a giant gorilla.

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