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With the agreement of Control, the New Men are about to be a super-hero team for Dollar Comics edition. They take their first photo (as the issue cover) but after that, the team have another quarrel.

In the meantime, Sandy Tolliver has a headache and goes in another room in order to be alone. Danny finds her and talk one more time about their relation. Sandy rejects him and leaves before finding Jasmine who is vomiting in the toilets. The doctor who examine her has a simple diagnostic: She is pregnant.

In Washington, Sathanus has killed a prostitute. When Aldus Hilltop lectures him, Sathanus says to him what their colaboration is over. But he announces to the new vice-president that the actual president is going to die and that Aldus is going to become the president of the USA.

In M4, Carolyn Henniston, the daughter of the man who create Mark IV tells to him and Amanda the entire story.

Mark is a android, created by Dr henniston. When she was young, Carolyn was his friend as he learned to be like a human. But, 7 years ago, Carolyn's father decided to "terminate" Mark IV in order to create a better android. So, Carolyn, desesperate, helps mark to escape from the complex. But what happen during this 7 years ?

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