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Danny and his half-sister had left their mother house in order to join New York and travel like stowaway in a truck. But Chrissy wakes up Danny and tells him she is Gillian. Apparently, the other sister of Danny, Gillian, is a uncorporeal mutant who live in Danny's head for a while. And, this time, she succeeds to take possession of Chrissy.

Despites of that, the two children (plus Gillian in danny's head) reach New York. Danny, convinced that the comics heroes are real, searchs after Action Maxx HQ. He arrives in the building of Dollar Comics, the Action Maxx Comics editor.

So he meets Mr Horowitz, the director and, thanks to Gillian's power, he convinces him that he was a Super-hero. It's a dream for the editor to find a real super-powered person !!

In Oklahoma, Thomas Kirkland confirm to his host that he comes from the year 2115.

In M4, Mark IV and Amanda Watson enter in a laboratory who seems abandoned. But, behind a hidden door, they found a huge base where 4 big boxes are written with I, II, III and IV.

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