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After the short apparition of the strange mutant, Ignis, Nathan discovers, thanks to his super senses, that all the complex around us is an illusion.

He guides Jasmine (after he blindfolds her) and finds Bethany and Jack. The all-blindfold next men travels throught the disused complex and found the Dr Jorgenson and Ignis.

But when they remove the blindfold, the complex return to his complete shape and the entire mutant team of Dr Jorgenson reappear, even for Nathan.

But the next Men's leader resist to the illusion and when he overturns the Dr Jorgenson wheelchair, the illusion desappear for everybody. All this is a effect of Ignis's power.

The mutant explain that the Dr Jorgenson had created an other Next Men Project in Russia but he don't succeed and the complex was abandoned. However, the telepathic powers of Ignis was revealed even before his birth and, when the project are abandoned, the mutant decided to create a huge illusion around Jorgenson in order to make him happy because he sees him like his father.

After this explication, Ignis succeeds to escape with the doctor and goes abord a old space rocket. The Next was unable to stop it and the rocket takes of for the space. The whole illusion of the tower disapears and the Next Men could be rescued.

In the Mark IV back-up, after the attack of her mother's house, Amanda change his hair color and shape in order to cannot be recognized.

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