Bring Back X-Men Hidden Years

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It's Amazing That Marvel Has The Audacity To Cancel John Byrne's Wonderful Hidden Years X-Men Book With The Claim That Because Of The Success Of The Movie Franchise That All New Fans Would Only Be Able To Understand The Characters From The Ultimate Series So They Had To Cancel The Hidden Years Book To Alleviate Confusion.So What Does Marvel Have On The Stands Right Now Due To The End Of The Movie Trilogy.X-Men Fisrt Class.What A Hypocritical Joke.If Marvel Had A Shred Of Decency They Would Make The Appropriate Apologies To Mr. Byrne And Restart His Book With Issue #23 And Allow Him To Take It To It's Natural Resolution.You Know The Lead In To Giant Size X-Men #1

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i agree. i think it would be easier to read your post if there werent so many capitals

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