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Joe's past is a mystery since he himself has given variant stories of his origin what little is known or believed is that his father may have been a Navajo windtalker who encrypted code during World War II, his mother may have been a shaman Witch from Oaxaca. Joe lost his humanity and transformed into a vampire while heroically battling the Aztec vampire-witch, Xula, when she had return to Mexico City bringing devastation to the inhabitants and attempting to revive an ancient demonic Deity. Joe is a vagrant and normally wanders through the night life hitting night clubs and joining party crews before growing tired and moving on never willing to stay or retain friendships. Joe speaks with a Spanish English blend mixed with modern hip hop slang, as a reminder of his Native roots join wears warpaint and bears a serpent tattoo on his arm showing his status as a Navajo and Aztec warrior.

Powers and Abilities

Like most vampires Joe possesses superhuman physical attributes from speed, strength durability, regeneration, and heighten senses. These abilities are dependent on blood consumption and can lower if he has not recently fed. Like all vampires if Joe does not feed regularly he grows weaker and becomes feral as his vampiric urges take over and transforms him into a beastial state. Joe possesses the same weakness as other vampires as he cannot survive in sunlight and if exposed he would be incinerated within seconds.

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