dr_x's Joe the Barbarian #8 - Chapter 8: Tomb of the Iron Knight review

Joe the Barbarian #8 - Chapter 8: Tomb of the Iron Knight

  Joe the Barbarian # 8 - Chapter 8: Tomb of the Iron Knight    : well true Beleivers it's been a while  scen my review and all I can  say  about this issue  and acr " WOW!!!" long in coming  I'm sad to see that there will be no more Joe The Barbatian or Chakk or  the behine the looking glass /Samurai Jack world I'm giving  the whole  acr  a 5 out of 5 I do hope  that Grant Morrison and  Sean Murphy will bring  him back and that wounderful world or  just that world  with all its charcters as a spin off . 

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    Joe's confrontation with Death at last unearths the paternal secret that spurred this whole adventure into fantasy in the first place.  The Good Sean Murphy's art is absolutely stunning. A true sight to behold on every page, and in every panel. I love how he infuses such a punkish, rock 'n roll aesthetic to this wild tale of rat warriors and diabetes-fueled illusions. And I'm really impressed by how thorough he is with the detail he lavishes on even mundane settings like Joe's suburban home.  Th...

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