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Diving In Sewer!?

 This story is action packed, and cramped.  Joe and  Chakk were being persecuted by the Deathcoats, but to their good luck they appeared in front of Fireface (A Drakka Submarine pirate/hunter) . Who was going to shoot them but instead started shooting the Deathcoats with the submarines, and ends up helping Joe and Chakk.  Fireface is surprised to see Joe, maybe its part of the prophecy that Lord Arc told him in the previous issue.
The submarines dive in to the sewers, eww gross.  Then some sort of giant sewer monster starts chasing the submarines, but behold the submarines lead the monster in to a trap, and the moster is going to become food, eewwwww to the second power.  They disembark the submarine, and the people want to kill Chack, like third time this issue.  Everyone wants to kill the Giant Rat.  Then what do the Draka people show Joe, a giant picture of himself made entirely of precious stones, and metals. Yep, he is part of the prophecy.  Now Joe, and Chakk continue their journey, but with a new comrade.
I gave this issue a three  1/2 because this issue is more of the ongoing journey and they are getting from point A to B.  I didn't discuss any thing going on with Joe in his house, because this issue answers this question so go and get the issue. It cool, really cool.
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