dark_noldor's Joe the Barbarian #3 - Chapter 3: The Dying Boy review

A Legend is Revealed

Things are getting serious for Joe, since he´s facing a hypoglicemia attack in the real world while discovering that in fact he´s the stuff of legends, the one destined to defeat the Death King and bring peace again to this fantasy world - the story is evolving real good, showing new scenarios and characters as Joe decides to walk in his house, each room is a different part of this fantasy world, proving that they´re connected, but still lingers the doubt if it´s only hallucinations or if there´s truly an outside world - it seems to me that the Death King really believe there´re other worlds and he´s made his mind to annihilate Joe as soon as possible, so is the prophecy of the Dying Boy become true? This issue has more dialogues than the other two, that´s because of the revelations told to Joe by the Pirates (a group of dwarves that live in a city underground, a terrific and funny creation), so it was very amusing seeing more interaction than the previous issues - but what is great still is the amazing art of Sean Murphy, he penciled the escape from the plumbing, another great city, the feast, the clothes of the pirates, it´s all excellent stuff. Another great issue, highly recommended!
4.5 out 5


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