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alot of people keep asking why marvel has been doing so much dumb sh!t for the past decade or so the answer is simple Joe quesada doesnt give a sh!t about the fans the decimation happened cause he doesnt like mutation as an origin, brand new day happened cause he didnt like spiderman married hes more interested in pleasing himself than the fans, im not saying marvels all bad now just that some of the worst story ideas theyve had lately are a result of his personal veiws having nothing to do with what we want to see. i know pandering to fans isnt good but out right pissing them off is worse. and bendis is only working at this point cause he does what hes told
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your kind of wrong about your claims of what he did and why things we're done.
those are claims by fans (i actually consider them non-fans siince they seem to despise those comics
your referring to). not liking the direction of the Spider-Man or X-Men books for example is ones personal preference, not something bad that happened to everyone nor a work.
that aside Joe does wrangle control of the direction of some works, though noteworthy is the direction they take isnt come up with nor molded by him anyways. but this thread is very repetitive and deserves the same answer as he many i hate BND threads. dont like it, dont read, youve had years to tell make that choice now.

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Joe Quesada is blamed for a lot of things that, really, aren't even connected to him. 

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Whoever is in charge ends up taking the blame for everything, no matter how big or small the complaint.  I remember the days of Bob Harras, and the flask he used to take... it's all the same, just a different name.

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