C2E2 2011: Cup of Joe Panel

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There was big demand for a spot in the Cup of Joe panel. We're talking a crazy long line to get in. This is Quesada's first Cup of Joe since he became the Chief Creative Officer.  
On the panel was C.B. Cebulski, Jeph Loeb (Head of Marvel TV), Brian Michael Bendis and Matt Fraction (the "antithesis" of Bendis in terms of hair). 
Who are the Marvel Architect artists? John Romita Jr, Mike Deodato, Stuart Immonen, Salvador Larroca, Humberto Ramos and Mark Bagley. The comic deals with college geniuses that challenge each other to try to create superheroes. 
BIG SHOT information was revealed. We know Moon Knight by Bendis and Maleev was announced (Moon Knight moves to LA to take on the mysterious Kingpin of LA, who is known and will be revealed in the first arc). There will be new personas for Moon Knight. They will be his versions of Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America.  
What about the other BIG SHOTs, Punisher and Daredevil? 
 == TEASER ==
The Punisher will be by Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto.
Daredevil will be by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin. It turned out Waid was here and ran up to the stage.
Brian Michael Bendis' next creator own project was announced. He and Mark Bagley will be working together once again on a book called Brilliant.  
Now for the Q&A: 
  • Will we see anything with the Runaways? Bendis says even with Moon Knight in LA, he will not touch them any time soon because he has respect for it. It would be fun to do something with the Pride. If nothing gets done, maybe he would. 
  • Jeph Loeb asked if we thought Runaways would make a good TV show. When the room cheered, Loeb said maybe he'd try talking to someone.
  • Will we see a true Deadpool movie any time soon? No idea. Marvel does not control the X-Men franchise. It's Fox obviously.
  • Will the Ultimate Spider-Man animated show have any ties to the true Ultimate Universe? No, it will have its own animated universe.
  • Will we see the other 90s animated shows like Silver Surfer released on DVD? Loeb mentioned that some show on Marvel XD. But is there a chance for release? Loeb replied, "There's a chance."
  • Now we're treated with a clip from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated show! It looks great!
  • Ultimate Spider-Man animated series will air in 2012 on Disney XD.
  • Can we get commentary tracks from Marvel creators on Marvel movies? Quesada says he'd personally rather have the actual directors and those involved with the movie do the actual commentary. It's not really their call.
  • What about a Spider-Man or Marvel Zombie animated movie like Hulk Vs.? They have one movie left with their Lionsgate deal. Thor Asgard Tales. After they will look at what they can do. With Disney, there wouldn't even be a Marvel TV section. This time next year we should hopefully have some news.
  • The Marvel Anime show air dates on G4 will be announced this summer.
  • What women superheroes will be showcased? Cebulski says Hope will have a big role.
  • Someone asked if Disney bought Nintendo, would that affect them. Huh? Quesada replied, "I..don't...think...so."
  • Will Gwen Stacy or Uncle Ben be resurrected since Bucky was? No. Fraction joked that Uncle Ben will be revealed to be the All Father.
  • Is there any way to get comics from subscription sooner or digital copies? No plans. Not in the control of those here but they are aware of the problem.
  • What are the consequences of delayed books? Loeb takes the heat on this one. He says some falls on the quality of the people he works with (Arthur Adams' wife had a baby, Ultimate X is coming). Tim Sale is working on Captain America White. Sale has the script, Loeb is trying to encourage him to finish. They agreed to wait until Sale was done. If you see J. Scott Campbell, tell him to stop drawing calendars and work on Spider-Man. Bendis mentioned the prize for having late comics is to be promoted to the head of Marvel TV.
  • Page from Brilliant. 
    What about $2.99 books? They will not lower the price of existing $3.99 books. They will be releasing new certain new books and miniseries at $2.99. Lowering the cost on the $3.99 books would compromise the creative teams involved.
  • What about the comment that Marvel would be killing a character every quarter? Quesada asked if there was a death that wasn't story-driven. 
  • Any more Next Wave? They're constantly trying to get Warren to write more. Some of the characters will pop up in Heroes for Hire.
  • What about the end of Secret Warriors. It was supposed to end with #27 but Hickman extended to #29. Hickman has plans and they will pop up elsewhere. Bendis wants to have some of the characters pop in the pages of the Avengers.
  • What are the creators of Spectacular Spider-Man going to do now that it's officially dead with Ultimate Spider-Man? Ultimate Spider-Man is their first animated series and we should focus on that.
  • What's going to happen with Punisher? Punisher's been through the ringer with FrankenCastle. He's going to trying to pick up the pieces. Waid says there could be some showtunes in it.
  • What will happen to Black Panther with Daredevil coming back? The answer will come tomorrow at a panel and involve a certain weather-controlling mutant.
  • Will we get more ongoing Ultimate comics instead of just the mini series? Bendis says that what's going to happen with the Death of Spider-Man, there will be one whopper after the next. There will be one big shocker after the next. 
  • What will happen with Northstar now that Alpha Flight is coming back? He'll be on both Alpha Flight and the X-Men.
  • Bendis clarified that he didn't say no one was touching the Runaways, just that he wasn't.

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Sorry.. was so excited to get a first comment for the quest and am now feeling ashamed i didn't aspire to greatness rather than obnoxiousness.

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I'm a little worried about Mark Waid saying he wanted to "dial up the superhero scale" on Daredevil. One of my favorite elements about Daredevil is its almost just a crime series that exsists on the fringes of the Marvel universe. Have to wait and see I guess.
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Just saw a test clip for the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. For test footage, it looks amazing (no pun intended).

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@Nasher:  We've all been there.  Congrats.
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Bendis has respect for the runaways so he won't touch them, Why couldn't he have respect for moon knight?

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Well im suprised by the Punisher creative team and since it's Greg Rucka I will read it. Also I hope that Bendis doesn't have the Runaways in the Moon Knight series since it would clash horrible with Moon Knights premise and I would be worried as a big fan of the team under Bendis.He could screw them up royally.But a Runaways tv series would work well.
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Rucka on the Punisher series = Awesome 
That cover for Bendis' series Brilliant looks cool 
I would rather have a Runaways movie then a tv show...Marvel needs to do something with them asap

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We're close to the end. Only a few questions left.

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We got some great stuff from the Q and A

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This seems awesome...
I really need to watch Ultimate Spider-man...

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I am kinda sad Runaways won't be in Moon Knight one of my favorite marvel teams and one of my favorite marvel characters in the same book. I am excited for Brilliant but that looks a bit different from Mark Bagleys art I think it's good but different.
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I forgot to mention, we also got I *Punisher* Marvel pins. Pretty neat. Maybe I'm just easily amused?

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@warcorpse said:
" Bendis has respect for the runaways so he won't touch them, Why couldn't he have respect for moon knight? "
That was my thought exactly. 
Moderator Online
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@The Dark Huntress: Looking forward to punisher though.
#15 Posted by Comiclove5 (1304 posts) - - Show Bio

Greg Rucka? I'm reading it.

#16 Posted by Donovan Montgomery (5693 posts) - - Show Bio

I think I'll like Mark Waid on DD.

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@G-Man said:
" Just saw a test clip for the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. For test footage, it looks amazing (no pun intended). "
what was the art style like? styled after Bagley's work?
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Ugh. Bendis Moon Knight. It burns.
The Punisher's new skull looks great, and I'm looking forward to the book, however.

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Yeah, I'm seriously considering trying to get Bendis charged with crimes against humanity. His stupidity is ruining the Earth as a whole. 
He's writing a series called "Brilliant"? How about "Inept" or "Asinine"? 

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Brilliant looks brilliant.

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Waid on Daredevil and Rucka on Punisher is probably the best news to come out of Marvel for years. 
DD has been terrible for years, It has been basically one writer after another trying to "out-Miller" Frank Miller. That includes Bendis who basically copied much of Miler's story and tone; but of course in a much slower and more verbose manner. DD does not need to be a "swashbuckling" book, but nor does it have to be uber-depressing tedium. 
Really there is not much else to say about Rucka on the Punisher, other than it will be great. Rucka can write gritty but realistic crime stories that do not border on the absurd (Frakencastle) or the gratuitous (Ennis). 

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excited for rucka's punisher. waid/marco's run on dd should be an epic one also.

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I'd be happy with an animated Deadpool movie as long as Nolan North still did the voice, he was pretty much perfect in Hulk Vs. Wolverine.

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Great bunch of tidbits right there!
And hooray for new proper Daredevil & Punisher on-goings :) 

No news on the Ghost Rider part?

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@The Impersonator said:
" Brilliant looks brilliant. "
#26 Posted by G-Man (40329 posts) - - Show Bio
#27 Posted by Eyz (3187 posts) - - Show Bio
@G-Man said:
" @Eyz: I mentioned that in the Fear Itself panel write up. 

Rob Williams and Matt Clark will be taking on the new Ghost Rider series, beginning with a 0.1 issue in June and a #1 right after in July. Who will be the new Spirit of Vengeance? 

Awesome news G-man!
How did I miss this tidbit before?!
I need my fix on spirits of Vengeance! The way the plot was set in, I guess Johnny would be back, though a brand new guy could e interesting too.

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