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Joe Parsons was a small-time crook, when he was put away for 20 years by Brooklyn District Attorney Larry Jordan. Shortly after being incarcerated, Parsons broke out. He intended to get revenge on Jordan and tracked down his home. Parsons broke in, and found Jordan’s wife Helen and his young son Hal. He held the two at gunpoint when Jordan came home. Parsons tried to shoot Helen, but Jordan kicked the gun. Parsons recovered, and shot Jordan in cold blood. Helen and Hal both played dead, and Jordan though this first shot was successful. Parsons fled the scene, with his goal to leave the country.
Little did Parsons know that Larry Jordan was secretly the World War II super-hero Air Wave. In the wake of her husband’s death, Helen took Larry’s costume and became the new Air Wave. She tracked Parsons down to a counterfeiter who was creating a fake passport for Parsons. She defeated Parsons, and the New York City Police Department sent him back to jail for the death of Larry Jordan; a trial at which Helen Jordan testified.  

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