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Joe The Barbarian

 Joe Manson
Joe is a teenage boy who lives with his single mother. Joe is a very talented artist as well as the class loner.   

We first see Joe  with his mom in the car on the way to a class field trip to the local veteran's cemetery. Joe's mother is struggling to keep the house as well as raise Joe on her own. At the cemetery, Joe is harassed by three bullies from his school, after the bullies lose interest in Joe, he meets a girl who complements Joe on his artwork, saying he should "go into animation or something".  
''You suck'' 
Joe then wanders off to his father's headstone to brood upon his gloomy life, eventually telling his father "you suck". Joe returns home after the field trip to his home. Joe instantly heads up to his room which is a converted attic filled with all his action figures.   

 Joe at home
Exhausted Joe lays down and slowly nods off, only to awaken again to find himself being sucked into a portal, it is suggested throughout the series that this and everything else going on is because of him having low blood sugar from being a Type 1 Diabetic.    

 Joe and his ''toys''
Joe then finds himself in a new and fantastic world, however he is not alone! Joe soon finds himself surrounded by all his action figures that have magically come to life and grown to proportionate size. after brief exchange of words from his action figures, Joe awakens again to find everything is back to it's gloomy self.  

The Dying Boy prophecy 
The series continues with Joe traveling through the strange mythical world meeting other characters on his quest ot reach the kitchen, danger lurking around every corner, or corner in his mind, all the while trying to shake off the hallucinations/visions he is having.

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