razzatazz's Joe Kubert Presents #1 - Spit review

Ropes like iron

For anyone looking for continuity in a comic series, this issue might not be for them.  For any reader interested even slightly in comic history or of simply a great reading experience, then conversely this is perhaps the ideal issue.  It tells a few divergent stories – one with Hawkman and Hawkwoman, one with Angel and the Ape, one of a new character which critiques the attitude towards the poor, and the final one which is a sort of homage to the World War II comics except with a different outcome – and these stories are not related to each other in any way other than being notable enough to Kubert to be collected together.  Each story is simple enough in a way, but they still manage to end in something more than just a comic book ending.  This is probably most evident in the first two stories which deal with the established heroes, and the stories are surprisingly touching in their own way.  This may not be the greatest issue ever but I would highly recommend it.  




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